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July 2nd, 2011
By Langley

Just some photos of the new SLAP (Standard LGLF Armament Prototype).  It’s called the Thumb-SLAP because of the thumb-hole stock design.  This design uses the suicide trigger.  Note that the pump handle goes all the way around the plunger tube, and does not extend past the coupler.

I plan to eventually construct a variant of this blaster which is similar to the Rainbow Pump in appearance, and write it up for RyanMcNumbers’ homemade contest on Nerfhaven.  Some permutation of this blaster will also go on to be the official loaner/backup blaster of the LGLF

Photo gallery after the jump.


360 Suicide Catch: Back to the Drawing Board

January 11th, 2011
By Langley

I constructed a new SNAP variant today in an attempt to use the Suicide Trigger with a 360 degree catch notch (similar to Carbon’s Mk II design) but it seems that the plastic couldn’t stand up to repeated abuse from the metal catch pin despite my best efforts to smooth it out.  Pictured at right is the catch notch on the plunger rod after about a solid day’s worth of use.  It actually hasn’t failed yet, and works fine in this state, but I doubt it would last much longer in this condition.  I was successful in making a solid, stable handle with a smaller footprint for use with a sleeve-style pump action.  More photos after the break.


Suicide Trigger: A Variation on the Clothespin Trigger

November 8th, 2010
By Langley

Update – 1/5/11 – Photos of the new proof of concept at the bottom of this post.

I’ve been trying to put together a catch mechanism that can sit behind the spring, like the rainbow, so that I can make a pumpsnap where the pump doesn’t have to stick out in front of the gun. I had some ideas about using a 1/2″ flat endcap as a catch plate, but a post from PVC Arsenal 17 got me thinking about using a simple clothespin trigger on the plunger rod itself, and just using narrower pipe behind the spring to eliminate the space in between, to prevent the pin from being able to wiggle free. What I came up with is surprisingly simple.