LGLF Nerf Team


While some toil endlessly in their secret basement labs, struggling to stay ahead of the curve and on the bleeding edge of plastic-toy-that-shoots-harmless-foam-dart technology, the LGLF tends to borrow from existing battle proven designs and make our own unique improvements. Over the years this has resulted in an arsenal that could best be described as an eclectic mix of the nostalgic, the practical, the unusual, and the unstoppable.


Team Crossbow


Primary: The L-Bow Prime
It only took 5 years, but finally Langley has managed to get his hands on a mostly aluminum, entirely awesome blaster. Originally the prototype pump action plusbow built by RyanMcNumbers, the bow has undergone extensive renovations with lots of help from our own Master Craftsmen of Plusbows, JLego.

Alternate:The Thumb-hole Stock Variant Standard LGLF Armament Prototype or ThumbSLAP
The ThumbSLAP is a prototype for an inexpensive, easy to produce line of SNAP-based blasters that will soon become the standard back-up blaster and loaner gun of the LGLF. But until we work out some of the kinks in the design, it’s Langley’s ongoing project. So if you see him cursing, fuming, and possibly stomping up and down on this pvc contraption, don’t worry. That’s just what we like to call “Quality Assurance”.


Primary: The Wager
A major overhaul of the +bow design, the Wager has an added support in the stock that eliminates the troublesome wobbling found on the +bow, which also serves as a convenient ammo holder.  The blaster contains a plunger rod made of rectangular aluminum, custom milled side plates which perfectly nest together (not unlike the way Jax and Gears perfectly nest together on cold autumn nights, far from home) and a slightly shorter length which makes the gun more wieldy without sacrificing overall performance (I’m going to go ahead and let you come up with your own joke for that one). More information on the Wager.

Team Crossbow: Jax’s Unnamed Black Crossbow
Heavily reinforced, decked out with duct tape and ammo holders, and sporting a paint job from an era when you could get away with flat black, this Crossbow has withstood the test of time.  One of the oldest most reliable blasters still in use, even for a crossbow.


Primary / Team Crossbow: Chops’ Custom Crossbow
Custom Split Internals.  They are the original homemade internals, not some retarded dollar store knock off.  You want these?  You don’t deserve them.

Alternate: Custom Defender Pistol
Replaced Internals.  Shoots ropes, brah.


Primary / Team Crossbow: Ellen Page
Custom internals by Split.  Ridiculous integrations rotated on a weekly basis.  Hate mail welcome.