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A Gentleman’s Wager and T-Bow

May 4th, 2011
By Jaxon

Langley Note: This post will rape your bandwidth and mine. You’ve been warned. 

Last year, Split and I wanted to have a gentleman’s wager, over the redesign of the +bow. We never really wrapped it up, but I missed the deadline by a bit if I remember correctly and what have you. First time it got used was May last year when I got to chill with the U3 and all my NJ friends. Anyways, a while before this wager, I had made a Solidworks model of the +bow and set to modifying it to change little things that I thought could use improvements. Making this model was at times…. frusterating.

Still, once this was all done, I could pretty much do whatever I wanted, in theory. This lead to the following final product:

Every piece of this +bow at one point or another touched either a mill or lathe. One of the features is a rectangular plunger rod like rev one but made of aluminum with lathed polycarb plunger head and nylon spacer in the middle of the skirt.

One of the other improvements I was looking for was to make it a little shorter than the normal +bow.

I also added some ¾” foam to the back of the stock for comfort.

Just before we (the LGLF) invaded Canadia, I decided to fix one last issue, where the 2 side plates meet was starting to crack a little bit… so I milled this 1/8” deep in the PC:

Here’s a couple more shots just because it’s been my primary for almost a year now and I never thought anything could replace my crossbow. This gun is the summary of a lot of work and effort and I don’t know what I’d be using without it. Three of the other features that were improvements from the get go were a comfy handle, a 3/4″ nylon rod as the top stock support, which coupled with a 1/2″ wide priming grip means there is no chance of any kind of face rape ever, as well as having the bushing entirely inside the plunger tube and mounted 15/16″ back so the support won’t be snapping. ever. I would expect the bushing to break first, honestly. Lots of little details make this what it is.

More recently, I was commissioned by Lucian to tune up his TornadoBow… which ended up being a lot of work, but it’s pretty freakin cool, totes worth the work. This was the first bunch of parts I made, I eventually had to change the catch, but it was worth it.

” />

The final parts and setup were as follows, using a 9in k25:

And very lastly, this arrived in the mail tomorrow, it is my new favorite vise ever. www.littlemachineshop.com because it’s a fantastic resource.

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