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The Road to Bad PR is Paved With Good Intentions

November 25th, 2010
By Langley

Nerfers and Nerf Modders have gotten some (arguably) bad press lately, and the reaction has been, for the most part, “That’s what you get for talking to the press.”  This is a sentiment that I can totally get behind.  However, the attitude that certain people have expressed compels me to remind everyone that it’s not us that are doing something wrong, it’s the media.

Unfortunately for our community, the press has everything to gain by pandering to outraged parents, and nothing to loose by upsetting outraged nerfers. For that reason alone you should never do anything to entice anyone from the mainstream media to focus on your nerf war, or your modifications, or your website.  They will find the one one thing which, when taken out of context, can leave you with your pants down.

At the same time it’s important to remember that we really haven’t got anything to hide.  Anyone who looks at that CBS piece with a critical eye will see that a caring mother took time out of her day to express to that reporter how proud she is of a son who’s taking part in a really great hobby.  As futile an effort as that may have been, I think it’s far more telling than any youtube video of some moronic teenager doing something irresponsible in their basement.  So if you came to this site or to NerfHaven looking for more dirt on the evil scourge of Nerf Modification, feel free to take a look around.  All you’ll find is a tight community of people who are involved in a hobby that’s about half as dangerous as high school football, with about ten times the benefit. (more…)

Pros: I’m awesome. Cons: You’re a douche.

October 30th, 2008
By Langley
Marty, we've got to go back and stop my maxshot from breaking!

Marty, we have to go back to keep my maxshot from breaking!

I’d like to talk about something that’s been nagging at damn near everyone in the LGLF for the last few months, and that’s the ‘Pros/Cons’ format of nerf war reaction threads. First of all, pros/cons is supposed to be a decision making strategy where you weigh the cost vs the benefit of taking a particular action. The war is over, and you’re trying to make up your mind. Unless you’ve got a goddamned flux capacitor and you’re going to go back and stop yourself from attending the war, you sound retarded.

LGLF training war and WTF NIC?

October 13th, 2008
By Talio

75% of the LGLF got together for a little Nerf war this past weekend so I decided to refer to it as the LGLF training war. I felt like giving some highlights. Those in attendence:

Langley, Badger, Splitlip, Xeorouge, and myself.

5 people. Yes you heard that right everybody. 5 fucking people got together, nerfed and had a fantastic time. Probably an even better time then we had at any one of the big wars. So here’s how the day went down and a few of the highlights.