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LGLF training war and WTF NIC?

October 13th, 2008
By Talio

75% of the LGLF got together for a little Nerf war this past weekend so I decided to refer to it as the LGLF training war. I felt like giving some highlights. Those in attendence:

Langley, Badger, Splitlip, Xeorouge, and myself.

5 people. Yes you heard that right everybody. 5 fucking people got together, nerfed and had a fantastic time. Probably an even better time then we had at any one of the big wars. So here’s how the day went down and a few of the highlights.

Split is a solid player. He uses a Pistol Splat which is a toy paintball gun he’s converted to shoot darts. He calls it a pistol. It is not a pistol. Badger jumped around on guns all day first using his Boomstick, then his crossbow and then a 1500. The awesome thing about badger is his uncanny ability to pick people off. He’s a good shot and can actually pull off pot shots rather then just wasting darts. Langley has all of sudden become the fastest reloader I have ever seen. I think at least twice I went to charge him after he shot and by the time I got there he had already reloaded and blew me away. Xeorouge is new, but he was doing a good job. He’s pretty accurate with his 2k even though it blew up on him (RIP), but even after that he was doing really well with the pistols he was carrying. One thing I saw him do that was pretty unique was his ability to play flanks. I don’t know if he knew he was doing it, but he would get pretty far away from his team on a flank and when one of us went after him, he would bait us back into his team. It was impressive. As for myself, I feel like I’m starting to get it back. I used a pretty lowsy crossbow all day and tried my new turret. Well I can’t use that damn thing, so I went back to the single barrel. I also used my spy gear gun, but put it away after everyone started bitching that it hurt too much. And that sucks cause I’m really, really good with it.

So first round of the day it was Split and I vs. Badger, Langley and Xeorouge. We decided that since the teams were off, we would make sure that each team had the same number of hits. The 2 player team would have 6 lives each, while the 3 man team would have 4. This actually proved not to work really. The 3 man team still dominated all day. But this first round was pretty close. Split and I got Badger out completely, but this also eliminated Split. So it was Langley and Xeorounge vs. me. And I put up a hell of a fight. I’ve cut back almost entirely on smoking and run a few days a week, so I was hoping I’d start to get some of my spark back. Mission accomplished. I was able to keep the other two completely confused and keeping them bumping into each other. Eventually though I was taken out.

After that, we went to lunch for 2 hours. I wish I were kidding.



The rest of the day pretty much went the same way. The 3 man team was consistantly destroying the 2 man team. Although at one point we had third team join in. They were made of hornets. They got like 4 hits on Langley and one on Split. I’m pretty sure they were all taps, but they still seemed to hurt like hell.

Final round of the day we decided that the rules just weren’t working and make the 3 man team only have 3 lives instead of 4. Langley and Badger were the first triumphant 2 man team of the day. These two are very surgical players. They don’t charge or take long pot shots, but they hang somewhere in the middle and use movement and accurate shooting to clinically tear your face off. I can pretty much perfectly attest to this. At one point I was about 25 feet away from the both of them and was able to dodge most of their shots and move in for a double kill. That was pretty much the last stand. Phil got three shots right in a row on me that I just couldn’t dodge. After that Split and Xeo were overwhelmed and the day was over.

So as you can see, 5 players and it was an awesome day. So WTF NIC? Why aren’t more people playing? One of the worst things I’m starting to hear in this community is how people just seem to want to play in big wars only. Don’t get me wrong. Apoc is fun. DCNO is a good time. But more and more these ultra sized wars are starting to feel like exhibitions rather then nerf wars. So you all have been charged. Get out there and fucking play!


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  1. Split Says:

    Fucking right! It was actually me who got “tapped” 4-5 times and Phil once. Great article man.

  2. analogkid Says:

    We do this kinda stuff on a biweekly basis in upstate NY. Its amazing. There are some days that I have just as much fun as I did at APOC over the summer. There is nothing wrong with smaller wars, but it seems like the only venues that people are interested are the ones with 15+ people attending.