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October 30th, 2008
By Langley
Marty, we've got to go back and stop my maxshot from breaking!

Marty, we have to go back to keep my maxshot from breaking!

I’d like to talk about something that’s been nagging at damn near everyone in the LGLF for the last few months, and that’s the ‘Pros/Cons’ format of nerf war reaction threads. First of all, pros/cons is supposed to be a decision making strategy where you weigh the cost vs the benefit of taking a particular action. The war is over, and you’re trying to make up your mind. Unless you’ve got a goddamned flux capacitor and you’re going to go back and stop yourself from attending the war, you sound retarded.

Now as my buddy Talio will tell you, hosting a war is a bitch and a half, and anyone who goes through with it is putting up with a lot of crap so that other Nerfers can have a good time. Listing all of the cons of a war in bullet list format is like spitting in the face of your host. You wouldn’t get back from dinner at a friend’s house and go online and blog about how you had a great time, but the steak was a little tough and you were expecting bigger portions. So why do we come home from nerf wars and bitch and moan and nitpick about asinine bullshit? I think at this point it’s just habit. At some point, someone started this pattern, not knowing where it would lead, and now it’s the accepted format for reaction threads. You list the stuff that met your approval, and then you fill the rest of the thread with endless bitching.

Remember kids, Talio says, Cons are for pussies!

Remember kids, Talio says, "Cons are for pussies!"

I actually think that some criticism wouldn’t be a bad thing, and this is where Talio and I disagree. I think the problem lies mostly in the format, and the expectation that everyone’s got something they liked about the war and something that pissed them off. It encourages the newbs to complain, which is just bad, all around. On the other hand, there are plenty of circumstances where it doesn’t hurt to voice your opinion, as long as you’re diplomatic about it and you’re not slamming the host.

Talio on the other hand just wants you to shut the fuck up, and he’s the one that can suspend your account. Do you really want to piss him off?

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