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The Blessed Handle

June 23rd, 2015
By Langley

captainhandleLong ago, our people journeyed far to the west, to take up arms with our brothers, the Dwarves. After traveling for 40 days and 40 nights, the brotherhood of the gnome arrived in the shire of Pitt, and they did behold that their hosts served only koolaid and neutral grain spirits. This disturbed the brothers, who found the ways of their hosts strange and not in keeping with the sabbath. And so they went to the inn, and asked the innkeeper for a cask of his finest rum. The innkeeper confided in them that he had several bottles taken from the private reserve of a deceased sea captain, and he did produce an enormous glass vessel of the spirit, and all was well. As they walked back to their camp, the gnomes with the dwarves, they heard the call of the watchmen, who were closing the city gate. When they arrived, one of the brothers hoisted the glass vessel, and in his exuberance he allowed it to slip from his hands, and the jar fell heavily upon the paving stones in the street.