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A Gentleman’s Wager and T-Bow

May 4th, 2011
By Jaxon

Langley Note: This post will rape your bandwidth and mine. You’ve been warned. 

Last year, Split and I wanted to have a gentleman’s wager, over the redesign of the +bow. We never really wrapped it up, but I missed the deadline by a bit if I remember correctly and what have you. First time it got used was May last year when I got to chill with the U3 and all my NJ friends. Anyways, a while before this wager, I had made a Solidworks model of the +bow and set to modifying it to change little things that I thought could use improvements. Making this model was at times…. frusterating.


Serious Arrowstorm Improvements

February 22nd, 2011
By Jaxon

Arrowstorm plungers with and without the skirt sealThis mod was originally created before Apoc ’10 in Split’s workshop in an effort to make the seal on the plunger tube perfect, as this is the absolute biggest issue on the Arrowstorm. The original idea was to completely replace the plunger tube, but that seemed like such a waste, as the original plunger tube has such ample volume to work with. By chance, I realized that the ID of the plunger tube is VERY similar to that of the +bow, so I grabbed a spare skirt seal I had and went to work. The results were pretty fantastic, and I decided to purchase another one to do a write-up for. (shoutout to Ubermensch for a good sale)


Consider this your 3 weeks fucking notice.

October 2nd, 2010
By Jaxon

The LGLF (and gearzzzzz) invade canuckistan

Click for big.

Canadians, you have been warned.  We’re on our way to Hell Before Halloween #4

Jlego’s Hybrid Breech System, With modular knobs!

October 24th, 2009
By Jaxon

I’m not a huge fan of breeches, although I’ve never really used one in a war. However, I got a good idea to make one, so I decided to make it and post a write up. So here we are.

To help get the idea of what this is, here’s a link to an LARGE cross section image of what this breech looks like. It’s pretty High res, or I’d just imbed it here.

Click for big

The idea is that it’s a breech that can be used with high volume springers. I’ve been using 5” of 17/32” nested in PETG with amazing results in my xbow’s speedloader, but unfortunately with a breech you can’t really twist the dart in. So with 1” of unconstricted 9/16” before the 17/32” you can push the dart 1” into the 17/32” if you’re using shorter darts that 2” there could definitely be some adjustments made. If people are interested, I can make a plan like the above for 1.5” darts or whatever, just ask.