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Hybrid Hopper, Combines Hopper With Brisc, THE CHOPPER

August 3rd, 2010
By Muttonchops

IPB ImageAs we all know, the Hopper clip has been changing the name of the game. High-powered long range guns now have the rate of fire to compete with pretty much any other gun. However, the biggest drawback of the hopper is that its unwieldy as fuck: I’m not a fan of dealing with a two foot clip sticking of the top of the gun. Thus: I introduce to you, a new style hopper.

I call it, Muttonchop’s Hopper, also known as, THE CHOPPER. Lets get a video of this in progress

How does it work? Instead of having a stupid long clip at the top, it sits parallel to the main body of the gun. The ‘hopper’ holds three to four darts at a time, but the recoil and airflow from the gun firing is enough to load the next dart. Mind you, this also means the Chopper works better with springers. I did test this out with a HAMP, and while it fired the darts impressively, it did not feed as perfectly due no ‘recoil’ and no reason to point it down during the normal motions of firing.

Now, as a note, I may mention that the ‘recoil’ of the gun is what helps advance the next dart. In reality, it is the turbulence of the air pushing the darts back and forwards again as the dart leaves the barrel. I tend to use the two terms interchangeably, but I do want to set the record straight as to (what I believe) is actually happening. In addition, I do believe the physical ‘recoil’ of the gun, that is, the spring decompressing and rattling the frame of the gun, also assists in loading the next dart.

Now, I think of this as a progression of the hopper, with an BRISC influence. Thus, thanks go to everyone who has contributed to the development. Also, much can be learned from Ryan’s DIY write-up. Many questions can potentially answered there. Also, thanks goes to Jlego, whose interest in this kept the idea alive, and to Split, whose feedback and workshop proved invaluable.

Write-up below! Two videos are embedded, both of which appear to be smaller images then the other pictures

IPB Image
All required parts. Pretty much, 1/2″ pvc, a wye, a 45 degree elbow, and some kind of end cap.

IPB Image
Whatever you are using for the ‘hopper’ portion, ream out the input. This will allow darts to fall easily into the wye, ready to be fired.

IPB Image
Using a dremel, sand out the bottom of your elbow. You want to get rid of the ledge that would otherwise impede the dart.

IPB Image
Sand out the bottom of the ‘clip’ output. allowing for darts to fall easier. Combined with the above two steps, all that is needed for a dart to fall from the clip to the wye is a slight downward motion

IPB Image
The entire thing assembled. I would suggest gluing it together, superglue holds well enough if you do not have the time to solvent wield.

BAM, it works. Yes, I had to jiggle it a little bit to get the dart to fall out, but it fell right to the wye one the first drop. I merely wanted to illustrate that it had made the journey without any major interruption.

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