LGLF Nerf Team

Team Crossbow

Front Left to Right: Groove, Langley, Gears, Chops, JLego

Ahh, the Crossbow. An elegant weapon from a more civilized age. The Nerf Crossbow was once the workhorse of the whole modded nerf community, and a symbol of the apex of nerf modification well into the era of homemades.  But with the development of hoppers, bow-arms, and numerous pump-action blasters, more and more nerfers are leaving their once beloved crossbows on the shelf.  Yet one clan refuses to let go…

Call it nostalgic, or clinging to the past, but we love our crossbows.  We love the way they handle, the way they look, the challenge of using them despite their obsolescence, and the satisfaction of hearing that bungie-fueled TWACK at the moment of impact.  Which is why we all pull them out together (no homo) for at least one round at every war.  Hear our rallying cry and despair, for we are Team Crossbow, and we are here with our antique blasters to destroy you.